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     Jovian Transformation: Telltale Planetary Events Since 2009 (5th Edition)

Book Description:

The astronomy community now admits that the JUPITER FLASH EVENTS and SURFACE EVENTS, supposedly “impacting objects”, must be happening regularly else astronomers would not have caught so many; likely less than 10% of the actual occurring events are imaged and verified. The current estimate is that “detectable Jovian surface events”, such as the said events from the last several years, are occurring 6 to 7 times PER YEAR. There have now been five verified, significant events since July 2009, in seven years time (one long-lasting mark and four flash events). Note that it was not long ago that events of this magnitude were considered very rare.

Conventional theory is still trying to insist that these must all be “impacts” yet the sheer size, quantity, and enormity of the flash events is allowing even rudimentary telescopes to easily pick them up. This does not make sense from the perspective of “impacts”: the flashes are way too large to call them SMALL impactors and the conventional narrative would generally be calling them LARGE impactors but cannot because large impactors would leave significant dark debris and heat signatures both easily imaged afterwards, neither of which is occurring. Even the long-lasting black mark of July 2009 (one of the five verified events) is suspicious in nature as the surrounding evidence does not support the “impact theory” there either.

The Jupiter flash events have been relegated by convention to “10-meter class size” since they are leaving absolutely no trace of an impactor, and of course no incoming objects have been spotted either. The lack of debris or heat is a major problem for the conventional theory and should be a huge clue that these are not impactors at all but something else much more significant. The evidence points to these flashes being great Jovian electrical voltage discharges akin to massive lightning flashes.

“Jovian Transformation Hypothesis” covers these matters in great detail and proposes a theory that matches the evidence: Jupiter is undergoing a man-made (accidental?) transformation due to insertions of fissionable catalyst material during past space exploration projects.

Note: This is the 5th edition; earlier editions were titled “The Philosopher’s Stone for the Transformation of Jupiter…” The release date of this 5th edition is 7/4/16. The release date of the previous 4th edition was 4/8/13.