Star of Bethlehem/Star of Virgo analysis and "New Star of Lucifer" attempt (scroll to bottom for diagram):

Why did NASA plunge the Galileo spacecraft into Jupiter at the same sky location as the said "Star of Virgo/Bethlehem"?

There will be two types of conjunctions talked about here with planets, regular conjunction (planets get very near to each other), and the EXTREMELY RARE ACTUAL OVERLAP (occultation) of planetary spheres as they appear in the sky (not counting Sun and Moon overlaps).  (c = regular conjunction, O = extremely rare mutual planetary occultation)

8/11/3 BC, Jupiter and Venus extremely close conjunction (c).

9/5/3 BC: Moon passes in front of Jupiter (occultation) fully blocking it from sight as viewed in the Middle East. (these are not rare)

9/14/3 BC, 2/17/2 BC, and 5/8/2 BC: triple conjunction of Jupiter and the Leo royal star Regulus (c).

6/17/2 BC, Venus appears to OVERLAP Jupiter slightly (O)!  Zooming in, one would discern the smallest gap between the two planets, unless they were in the southern half of Africa where the Venus sphere ACTUALLY DID just overlap Jupiter's sphere an hour before setting in the horizon.  This occultation occurred above Rho-Leonis (Lion's Paw, a major freemasonic symbol) [3] .  Of course, "just barely overlapping" is better than a full overlap when considering the brightness aspect of the event since with the former, one sees BOTH spheres brightly and joined (Venus at -4.33 apparent mag. and Jupiter at -1.77). 

The sight of the 3 BC and 2 BC events set west-northwest into the Mediterranean Sea as viewed by travelers going west towards Jerusalem/Bethlehem.  This incredible and RARE overlap of 6/17/2 BC occurs at 10.541 RA, 10.403 Dec. (in Leo constellation, but in House Virgo, about an hour before west-northwest horizon setting according to Starry Night program), the same sky location of Jupiter (actual = 10.503 RA, 10.333 Dec.) that NASA ended the Galileo spacecraft mission by plunging it into Jupiter on 9/21/2003, 18:57 UTC [1]There is a diagram in the book for this, also scroll to the bottom of this page for a diagram of these details. 

The difference in the two locations is 0.038 RA & 0.070 Dec respectively.  Later in the same day of 9/21/03 Jupiter got even closer to the Star of Bethlehem RA but farther from its Dec.  The reason for these differences is that Jupiter is always traveling a slightly different path in the sky so lining up exact RA (Right Ascension) and Dec. (Declination) to a previous event is actually impossible to a fine degree, but this coincidence we have shown is about as close as one can get to lining up two events at the same point.  A day earlier, the Dec. would be a perfect match, a couple days later (on the 24th actually) the RA would match, hence a middle day was picked for the Galileo plunge, 9/21/03(The range to work with to align these two events, Star of Bethlehem and Galileo Plunge into Jupiter, using Dec. and RA windows, was Sep. 20th through Sep. 24th, 2003, about 4 days total). The Jupiter plunge by the Galileo spacecraft occurred just 35 arc-minutes from the Jupiter-Venus occultation event of 2 BC.

September 2003, we speculate that NASA/D.O.E. rogue elements plan: "Let's plunge the 'star-maker' into Jupiter at the location of the astrological creation of the 'last age' to be born, when the Jesus story was created.  The new age will then symbolically and literally take its place, the Luciferian age."  

The "Star of Bethlehem - Jesus story" was a contrivance that originated with the astrologers.  Here we have all of the mythological elements at work with a royal star, Regulus, in the constellation of the Lion, Leo, and this constellation mostly occurring in the House of Virgo, the Virgin: A Jewish King born of a Virgin; a "star" incredibly from the joining of the two brightest planets to "verify" it (and nearly two of these in a little over a year); the town of Bethlehem written also in the stars: House of Bread = Bethlehem, which is in Virgo. [2]


1. "NASA’s Galileo spacecraft was intentionally crashed into Jupiter on Sunday, ending 14 years of service to science and exploration. The spacecraft entered Jupiter’s thick atmosphere and disintegrated at 1857 GMT (2:57pm EDT)..." 

2. "Jesus was made to be born in Bethlehem because, in Hebrew it means "house of bread". The house of bread is in Virgo..."

3. "For instance, common to the Brotherhood are the symbolic rebirth into a new life without going through the portal of death during initiation; reference to the "Lion" and "the Grip of the Lion's Paw" in the Master Mason's degree; the three degrees, which is the same as the ancient Masonic rites before the many other degrees were added; the ladder of seven rungs; men only; and the "all-seeing eye."  M.W. Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse